Bass Music

W.A.S.H. (an acronym for We Are Shit Heads) is a DJ duo comprised of two feisty ducklings known as Duckie and Puddles, hailing from Tempe, AZ, USA. The sounds of W.A.S.H. span a wide array of EDM subgenres, from Twerk to Trap to Moombahton and back. The lyrical subject matter is party-driven, touching on topics like sex, drugs, alcohol and dancing, and sung by a variety of up and coming artists like Luna Aura & Harper & the Moths. W.A.S.H.’s live show is a fast-paced rollercoaster of dance floor madness, comprised entirely of their own original music and remixes. Their eyes shine blood red from their demented duck masks as they slay every dance floor in their path.

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