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January 24, 2019 10:20 am
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Written By: Nick Lamoureux

Photo By: Holy Ship – Erik Voake

Where do I even start? Do I start with GRiZ taking a marching band through the top pool deck? Do I start with the vibes or the music or meeting AC Slater? Holy Ship 13.0 was easily the best festival experience of my life.

Thousands of people patiently waited at Port Canaveral to board the Norwegian Epic on January 9th to embark on Holy Ship’s 13th sail to the Bahamas. If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “everybody love everybody,” then you have a head start on what to expect at this festival.

Day one began and all of the attendees arrived to port anxiously waiting to board ship. The lines, long, but you could feel the excitement in each persons vibe. Music rang from portable speakers with sounds from Malaa and Louis the Child heard in every direction. The weather could have not been more perfect, 67 degrees and partly cloudy.

Once inside the waiting area everyone remained in high spirits as we waited to board the ship, however, 32 guests from the 12th sail decided to play an advanced game of hide and seek to try and stay onboard for the next party! I’ve heard that the “winner” was a girl by the name of Susan, but really we might never know. Legend has it that she hid out in one of the pool slides.

Once everyone was finally onboard, people anxiously rushed to their rooms to throw their things down and change into their outfit for day one. Up on the top deck people helped themselves to an all you can eat buffet of whatever you wanted. Chinese food, Sushi, Pizza, Greek, American food. You name it, they had it. I personally filled myself with pizza, french fries, and hotdogs. It was fast and easily accessible near the main stages.

Time comes to set sail and Fisher takes the stage in the aft of ship and Troyboi takes over the pool deck. The first thought that crossed my mind was, “holy shit, this is about to be insane.” It was an understatement.


Sunrise Sermon Set by Fisher

The next three days would consist of a mix of some of the best music in the world.

Weekend Top 10 Sets:

1.) GRiZ (Day 1) – Theatre

2.) FISHER (Day 2) – Sunrise Sermon – Spice H20

3.) AC Slater B2B Chris Lorenzo (Day 1) – Spice H20

4.) Louis The Child (Day 2) – (Daytime) – Spice H20

5.) Malaa (Day 3) – Bliss

6.) Dombresky (Day 3) – Bliss

7.) Tchami B2B ZHU (Day 3) – Pool Deck

8.) Ekali (Day 1) – Pool Deck

9.) ZHU (Day 2) – Spice H20

10.) Chris Lake (Day 2) – Pool Deck

Top On Board Parties:

Night Bass



Louis The Child’s Playground

The top 6 sets here were almost impossible to rank from 1 through 6 but that is my best go of it. I was in heaven.

To preface this, my weeklong nickname was “Whisky Nick,” and the most memorable moment of the entire trip was halfway through Malaa’s seton the final night he came around to the front of the stage and would pour a shot of Jack Daniels in my mouth. I was in awe. I had just been blessed by the house gods while on the holiest of ships.


“Sippin on Booze in the House of Blues” – Photo by: Merc Photography

Throughout the whole week we had met some amazing people who would forever become our “Ship Fam.” Ship Fam is one of those things that you can not really explain, but once you experience it you will know the feeling. We met people from all over the world but were also amazed to see how many familiar faces that we saw and ended up meeting from the Arizona scene, too. I can safely say that I have a few new locations around the country that I would feel welcome if I were to visit. 

We had made lifelong friends.

Another really interactive part of the ship is that a lot of the artists walked around and mingled with the fans. I remember on night one while watching Justin Martin I turned around and saw Claude Von Stroke directly behind me just vibeing out to some good music. I ran into AC Slater, Sage Armstrong, Fisher, Ghastly and Green Velvet all while just normally walking around the ship.

It was truly a surreal feeling.

AC Slater

AC Slater and I

An honorable mention that I can not go without talking about on ship was not a DJ, was not a manager or even the captain, but “washy washy, happy happy.” If you know, you know.

One thing that I will never forget is sunrise sermon. Fisher played a 4 and a half hour set from 4am until sunrise and through 8:30am. I am still not sure how I even made it through the entire day but I just kept my feet moving and dancing to the music. That day the music had started at 2pm and went all the way to 8:30am the next day.

Holy Ship was an event that I want to go to for the rest of my life, and I hope to meet some more amazing people along the way. Blessed to have been able to do this with one of my best friends and business partner. <3

P.S, Elevator parties are lit and “whoot whoot” was not a thing, (except during Yultron’s set.)

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This post was written by Nick Lamoureux