Crowds: The Ins n Outs…Literally

January 22, 2019 12:41 pm
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Written by: Chris Tiano

Image by: Ultra Music Festival

Festivals come in all shapes, sizes, and vibes but there is one thing that they are all starting to have in common: THEY ARE SUPER CROWDED! Now whether it’s one of the veteran events like Tomorrowland, EDC, or Ultra, smaller shows like Decadence and Goldrush are also facing the same type of over-crowding. Speaking from experience, going to some of these events has become a hassle when it comes to the major amount of people crowding each stage. Some festivals do it better than others when it comes to relieving this issue, but you can never truly know how bad it will be until you get there, so here are some tips!


Traveling through a crowd either in a group or by yourself is always tricky when wanting to get to your favorite spot near the stage. One of the worst things you can do is shove your way through without saying “Excuse me” or asking someone politely if you can go through. So many times, people have been shoved and awkwardly swiped upon by sweaty bystanders who forgot their manners. Don’t be that person! Getting through to meet up with your group is essential, but you do not want to become the enemy in order to get there. I have seen the worst at all levels of festivals big or small, but we must never forget that the vibes of the environment are everything and that attributes to the feel. Leaving the crowd is the same scenario. Just be a good human and use your words!


Going through a festival crowd is not only a tiresome journey in its own, but it is also a stress-filled anxiety spree between you and your fellow ravers. We sometimes lose our phones or have no service to contact people but that does not mean you can’t get through to your spot seamlessly! Like a captain using the stars to navigate through the sea, find special landmarks throughout the venue to set points of contact with your partner or groups. At every event, there are either lights or special objects hanging from the ceilings that you can use as “markers” to ensure you always can navigate and sail the sea of people. This also includes the outside parts of the stages so do not be afraid to be creative. Also, try not to let the anxiety get to you because there will always be someone willing to help you through a tough situation like losing your way so ASK QUESTIONS.


Sometimes people forget that there are certain “pathways” through a crowd which are usually located on the left and right sides which act as a channel for people to find their way to the front of the stage. The middle of the crowd all the way to the back is what I like to call the DEAD ZONE. This is the area which most people stand in their comfortable spot and have no intention of being either moved or touched. Knowing these areas will also help you in the manners section since you do not have to shove your way through the dead zone unless completely necessary. Think of it like a grid. The outsides of the grid are free-flowing and easy to navigate but the inside is stagnant and pieces must be moved from the grid in order to make room for more space. Sometimes you will find multiple channels through the dead zone but those are as rare as a legendary Pokemon.

No matter what steps you take to get there, these are some simple ways to strategically travel through the endless abyss of festival crowds and make sure they get you there in a safe and timely manner. Always maintain good human decency and remember to keep your cool because there is always a way to get through.

Written by: Chris Tiano

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