Artists to Watch For in 2019

January 17, 2019 10:42 am
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Written by: Ade Ramos

Image of Kaivon by: Insomniac

Hey OCTIV Fam!!! I hope you are ready for an awesome 2019. This time last year I wrote a piece on Artists to Watch for in 2018 and featured five specific artists which included: Virtual Self, k?d, Cray, Dombresky and Svdden Death. I highlighted more up and coming artists (aside from Virtual Self) to expose you all to new artists and I’d agree they had an awesome 2018. Other artists that had a great 2018 included FISHER, Chris Lake, Excision, Rezz, Odesza, RL Grime, Alison Wonderland, Illenium and more. I’m taking a stab at it and giving you a list of six artists to watch for in 2019. These aren’t necessarily huge artists (yet), again just exposing you to some artists to keep an eye on.


I discovered Kaivon at the beginning of 2017 and he has had many releases in 2018. I have a feeling that 2019 will be a good year for him. He is more on the future bass, feelsy and vibey end of EDM. He recently got announced for Crush Arizona which has me hopeful we will be seeing him on more lineups this year. I’m also crossing my fingers for an album this year too!


Whethan definitely made his rounds at festivals in 2018, went on tour and released an album, Life of a Wallflower pt. 1. He kicked off last year by bringing out the yodeling kid at Coachella during weekend 1. I think 2019 will be a good year for him and he’ll continue to grow. I still have never seen him so hoping I can at Electric Forest this year.  


When it comes to dubstep, I have been hearing a lot about Wooli. He is definitely one to keep an eye on as he has been releasing more music with a collab with Seven Lions and Trivecta just being released. He also has been announced for some lineups already for 2019. He is another artist I am hoping to see this year.

Photo by: Insomniac 


Is it just me or does Australia produce some of the best artists? I found Blanke through his various remixes and flips that he has done for artists like RL Grime, Alison Wonderland, Madeon and Marshmello. He recently came out with a song with Rezz that has been one of my favorite releases by Rezz in a long time. I hope this is a great start to having Blanke come to the U.S. as he was announced for Crush San Francisco.

Whipped Cream & GG Magree

Women in EDM had a great year in 2018 so I had to include some women artists to look out for in 2019. I have seen both Whipped Cream and GG Magree and they are artists that cannot be overlooked. If you see either of these names on a lineup or on tour, go check them out! Whipped Cream throws down a heavy set and has also gone b2b with YehMeh2 several times. GG Magree played one of the most highly energized sets at Decadence Arizona. I’m excited for her to release more music to show her true vibe as an artist.

Who do you think are artists to watch for in 2019? Comment below and share with us on social media! 

Written by: Ade Ramos

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