Top 4 Predictions in DJing for 2019

January 14, 2019 11:45 pm
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Written By: Jackal Jyve

Photo by Bailey Goldstein (Jackal Jyve @ Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix Halloween 2018)

As 2019 is now officially underway, we should look ahead to see what we can forecast to happen in the world of DJing and the music technology industry. These are my four official predictions for what we will see a change in the DJing industry!

More Standalone Equipment is Developed

We’ve seen a rise in the manufacturing and marketing of standalone media players for DJ booths all over the world. (If you’re not familiar with standalone DJ gear, they are digital decks that allow playback of records without the use of laptop or external processing). We saw the expansion of the Denon Prime series with the SC5000m, the world’s first standalone digital deck designed with a motorized 7” platter. This was an interesting move against the behemoth of Pioneer DJ which has dominated this market for years with flagship products like the CDJ Nexus 2 series consistently finding their way to festival stages and clubs. There has never been a better time in history for DJs and music technology, as more music technology companies fight for space in the DJ booth. I think it could be interesting to see how this will affect the DJs approach to applying their skillsets and techniques in 2019.

(Photo by Denon DJ)

DJs Change The Way they Dig For Records

I’ve always been intrigued by the ways and methodology certain DJs find and acquire their record collections. Traditionally, DJs have found records through methods like record stores, music pools, compilation albums, and label promotions. However, with the growth of streaming, I think we are now starting to see more music exposure and crate digging through services like Spotify and YouTube. Streaming has allowed the DJ to really make better buying decisions and listen/tag tracks they intend on adding to their collection. These tech apps do a great job of using algorithms to discover new music through the listening habits of the DJ. One of my favorite things to do as a DJ is finding myself in a ‘Rabbit Hole’, where I keep clicking the new related tracks or radio based on a certain track. I can’t even express how many gems I’ve uncovered just from being patient and trying all the features available on these platforms!

DJing Becomes More Dynamic

It’s so cool to see the different approaches to DJing that traditional performers have taken over the past few years. Modular setups like the Pioneer DJS-1000 have enabled DJs to really take a new level of control over their mixes and create something totally new and unique on the fly. There were a ton of new developments over the past year such as the release of Ableton Live 10 which was a popular tool for live performances of all musical genres. I think we will see more DJs become familiar with these products and really boost their performances to the next level.

Another big area of development we will see in 2019 is at the intersection of stage production visuals and the DJ. New products like the Soundswitch and Rekordbox Lighting Mode allow DJs to really take control of their lighting environments at the nightclub and the festival stage. I am hoping to see more performers curating their visuals experience, tailored just for their DJ style and performance!

Sound Is The Focus

I think we will have more independent sound companies get their chance to collaborate with event organizers and promoters to help deliver incredible audio experiences. One of my favorite designers in live audio is Sean Hennessy of Hennessey Sound Design out of Massachusetts. These guys are creating some serious soundwaves that are just an absolute pleasure for DJs to perform on. Having the ability to connect with sound designers gives DJs background insight into how their mixing and performance will sound on these fine-tuned speaker systems, which is extremely advantageous.  

A good quality sound system is now more desirable for the clubgoer, and as a DJ we should take responsibility and partner with these individuals and businesses who are pushing the boundaries on the production and execution of these rigs. A friend of mine DJ Sean Watson of Arizona recently commented on how these sound systems will help in growing music markets, and I couldn’t agree more!

(Photo by Hennessey Sound Design)

Although DJing will always be about great records and the wonderful music community, we should always adapt to new trends and products available. It is important for DJs to see the future of our industry and be a part of the new-era movements that are creating these amazing experiences and memories! What do you think we will see in the world of DJing for 2019? Happy New Year everyone!

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