Beware of Festival FOMO

November 30, 2018 11:59 am
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What a great time it is to be alive if you love raving and EDM. There is an event every week and major events several times a month either within your state or with the option to fly somewhere else. Although it is amazing, at the same time it can drain your bank account and your energy fast. I have seen many friends completely burn out from trying to manage this lifestyle along with other commitments like college and work, or both.

“Festival season” is no longer a season like it once was. It is a year-round affair. I am all for seizing the moment, but the truth is, you cannot seize every moment. It is really difficult when we are bombarded with a constant influx of information. We see everyone having a blast on our Instagram or Twitter feed and have that sinking feeling like our life could be better if we just pushed a little harder or did a little more to have fun.

What about the time when you can’t pay for your own groceries, or you’re not feeling well, or you’re going to get in trouble for missing work? But somehow you still manage to scrape together every last dime, take a Nyquil, and limp your way over to the next event? There is a lack of balance in this. I have seen people push themselves to go even while they were sick and knew they shouldn’t. It never turns out so well. No one wants to end up in the medical tent. Here are some tips if you feel like you fall into the category of over-doing it. When your life is balanced, you can enjoy events that much more the next time that you go and have a deeper sense of appreciation.

1. Be Honest with Yourself

Are you forcing yourself to go because everyone is telling you that you have to? But the truth is that really you need to catch up on prior obligations, or just rest and have alone, quiet time. A true friend will respect the fact that now might not be a good time, but that you’ll definitely be down to go in the future.

2. Find Connection in Other Ways

Perhaps you want to be social, but you’re not in the mood to be in a large group of people right now because being around tons of people gives you high anxiety. I hear that this is the case for many. Schedule one-on-one time with your friends if you truly miss hanging out with them. Being mostly introverted in a scene that is based on being very social can be challenging for some.

3. Keep a Separate Savings Account for Events

If you know that going to an event is the difference being able to pay your rent or not, it is probably in your best interest to skip it. Remember, not now does not mean never. Every paycheck, you should take a portion out to cover tickets, outfits, food, Ubers, drinks, parking, flights, hotels, etc. Make a game out of it by seeing how much extra money you can stick into the rave account every month.

4. Prioritize

Try to plan as far in advance for the events that are non-negotiable. These are the ones that have artists that you truly love, or artists that you’ve been dying to see. Obviously, Decadence is non-negotiable for me, hello Skrillex! I sacrificed going to some other events that I wanted to go to because this one was super important to me on so many levels.

5. Keep it Local

You can still get your social time and music fix by going to smaller shows at local bars and venues without breaking your bank account. There are so many amazing artists that perform at the Van Buren, Shady Park, and AURA. It’s the larger festivals that really take up your financial resources because they come with so many additional expenses.

6. Balance Your Life with Other Interests

Cultivating other interests and hobbies makes you a more well-rounded person. Try something that you’ve never tried before because you keep procrastinating. Get out of your comfort zone and do something new. We are only on this planet for a short amount of time, it’s great to be able to experience as many different things as you can while you’re here.

7. Take a Social Media Break

The temptation to check social media incessantly is unhealthy and it feeds the FOMO monster. Stand by your decision to take a break and bury your phone somewhere rather than second-guessing your decision to have downtime. You can always watch everybody’s videos later on.

By no means is this a judgment to people who only rave on their spare time. You do you. My intention is to give you permission to take breaks if you need to rest, focus on career or fitness goals, save money, or just replenish yourself in general. There will always be more events to go to. There are times when going to a festival is THE perfect medicine to get you out of a funk but please use discernment. Honor what you need at the moment, whatever it may be.

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