What is Techno?

November 28, 2018 12:48 pm
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Written by: Armando Viteri

Let’s dig deeper to understand this mysterious essence we call techno. This dark rhythmic force of bass and percussion is an underground academy of sound that peels the layers of reality. It is the professor of shadow that teaches us how the chaos of the mind cannot be controlled but manipulated. These obscure melodies go beyond words, as they transport you inward presenting twists and turns. It flows through you as you feel the energy that compels you to dance and lose control because you can now release all that no longer serves you.

As your ears get a first taste of the four to the floor bass line, it can be weird at first because all you hear is the same beat over and over, but it goes deeper than that. Now listen with mindfulness to truly experience the symphony of sound that is being conveyed to the auditory receptors. Once it has cast its spell on you, then begins the mental journey. In my experience, ignored emotions of fear and hate surfaced which brought me face to face with the shadow. Trusting in the music as a guide, I found the light in this shadow that was always present but ran away out of ignorance. Where will it take you? That’s for you to find out.

So where did it all begin?

The birth of Techno originated in Detroit and was born from the minds of the Belleville Three in the mid-1980s. This trio of Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson were influenced by house music as well as the electronic music groups in Europe such as Kraftwerk. In the beginning, techno could only be found in dark spaces with minimal lighting with music being the primary focus. These intimate gatherings sparked an underground revolution.

Techno Now

Techno’s energy spread and began to root itself into the dance music community. These roots grew then sprouting to gift us with some of my favorite artists such as Jonas Kopp, Planetary Assault Systems, Adam X, DJ Hyperactive, Drumcell, and SNTS. The cities of Detroit, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles continued to nurture the seed techno planted that eventually reached to the valley.

In Phoenix, it had its humble beginnings at warehouse parties and desert raves in the valley. Steadily the spiritual connection with the people started to form, and it was a strong one. Our local Full moon festival began showcasing an all techno stage with The Techno Snob crew providing drums that beat to our heart. Bi-weekly techno events started giving the community a consistent supply of technical tunes. Even influential artists such as Amelie Lens, Drumcell, Insolate, and Charlotte de Witte arrived in Phoenix to demonstrate to us the potential of techno.

Techno Future

The first techno party I went to was just a small club with only about 10 to 20 people. I’ve seen it grow exponentially in the Phoenix music community. Techno is here to stay and create a spiritual evolution that is being communicated through modulating frequencies that raise our vibrations. The future of techno in Phoenix will be the continuous experimentation of sound and spirit. The pioneers for this endeavor are our local talent, I believe these artists have the potential to become recognized for their creative ability beyond the city limits of Phoenix, and some already have. As far as the future goes, it’s in the hands of the artists and the fans. Who knows maybe there will be an all techno festival right here in the valley. Wherever this journey goes, it’s sure to be an adventure that I’m elated to experience.

So what is techno? Well in my experience to put it simply…life.

Written by: Armando Viteri

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