Coming Home to the Arizona Rave Scene

November 21, 2018 10:39 am
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Written by: Ade Ramos

My stomach starts to feel that nervous excitement I get before every event as I drive up to the famous Rawhide Event Center. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been to an event in Arizona. I start walking towards the festival entrance thinking of what lies ahead at this small and intimate festival. “Will I have fun? Will the scene I have loved so much still feel like I never left? Will my friends and I pick up where we left off?” These are all thoughts that consume me as someone that has a history of social anxiety. Even more so because there is that slight fear that the scene I know and love might have changed while I was away.

I have been living in Austin, Texas for over a year working in digital marketing and getting to know the music and festival scene there. I hadn’t been able to make a trip out to Arizona for over 24 hours since Christmas where I celebrated the new year at Decadence Arizona. When Origins Arizona was announced the weekend before Thanksgiving, I instantly bought my ticket. One day filled with house music AND I was already planning on being in town? Sign me up. I hopped on my flight at 7 am and made my way to Arizona. I made plans to meet up with some friends there as I wanted to get there early. I was SO eager to get into this festival.

Once I got through security and into the festival I instantly felt at ease. Maybe it was the house music to help, but that slight familiarity brought me back into my element. I hung around solo for a bit until my friends got in and we were reunited. It truly felt like I never left. I also got to meet so many new friends thanks to my recent popularity with my blog and YouTube Channel which is always great to meet people that support my passion for festival content creation.

As the music continued on we got to vibe out to EDX and watch the sunset to the magical Nora en Pure. Autograf took us on a hyped up house set that had the crowd grooving along. I went to the back to watch and join in on some shuffle circles during Justin Jay’s set. I am always amazed by the amount of talent that fills this scene from shufflers, flow artists and glovers. Lane 8 was probably the most highly anticipated set from just about everyone I spoke with. You could feel the energy of the crowd in this set instantly brought up once he hit the stage. I’ve felt this with every Lane 8 set I’ve witnessed and Arizona was no different. Finally, Duke Dumont took us home and had us screaming out the lyrics to Need U (100%), Got U and Ocean Drive.

From beginning to end, Origins was intimate, but filled with so much energy. It reminded me of why I love the Arizona rave scene so much. It honestly felt like I never left, which is how it should feel. Being reunited with old friends and making new friends is how it should be. There were moments where I could just look around my friends and complete strangers and just knew that I was home. It feels great to know that I can always come home to this scene and nothing will ever change. I am excited to be back for my fourth Decadence Arizona to ring in 2019. If you want to follow more of my festival adventures, you can find me @vibewithade on Twitter and Instagram, watch my YouTube Channel or visit my blog

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