OCTIVbelow Debut: In Review

July 9, 2018 11:04 am
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The inaugural OCTIVbelow was the night that the start of a new trend would make its debut at AURA nightclub on Mill Avenue. As I walked towards the venue, I was greeted by red ropes and the view of a spiral stairway. The curiosity set in because all I could see was the dark tones and electric purple lighting. Once I reached the top of the stairs, I was blown away but what I was seeing. The walls were hugged with green leaves and a glowing aura, making it feel like a forbidden jungle. Across the way, the bar was dark and mysterious while the alcohol glowed against an electric blue. The crowd of people gathered together to get their favorite drinks of choice. The front dead center held the most wonderful spot of all: the stage. It glowed with flat screen TVs surrounding it. Against the wooden floors, lights danced swirling around as the house music began to fill the room. This was about to be an amazing night!

The night began with DJ Elwer filling the room with incredible house music. The vibe was positive and breathtaking. Everyone started to dance and let their bodies go to the steady beat of house. The crowd filled up more and so did the bar. People all around were mingling and enjoying the night. The beats and tempo would take over, and the people were moved by it. It was a community dancing in-sync with full confidence together. I was transformed into an unfamiliar place as I melted into the deep, pure music. OCTIV Below kept their promise and provided a true underground experience.

Throughout the night we had four incredible local DJs perform. After Elwer began the night with his insane house music, he passed the vibe over to Nicky V. The house music continued to flourish and create a wave of sounds that had everyone around feeling upbeat and a part of the show. The music continued, and no one was even close to being tired. The night was just beginning for some of the crowd! As it got later in the night we were presented with Evan Allen! Evan threw down, creating a deeper house vibe and intriguing the crowd even further. Ending the night with Brando, we were presented with some really dope techno music. Brando came through with a twist of different sounds to really tie in the night for everyone around. Every artist was incredible and created an experience that you would regret to miss out on.

Overall, this event was a huge success. OCTIV Entertainment knew exactly what they were wanting when creating OCTIV Below. They successfully brought us a night of deep underground vibes, celebrating both techno and house music. They provided only the best artists with the most creative and bold sounds. If you didn’t attend this historic night of the beginning of Below’s journey, make sure to attend the next event! OCTIV is creating events and memories that will last a lifetime.

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