First Things First, Get Off Your Butt!

June 26, 2018 12:38 pm
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“OHHH EMMM GEEE! We’re only one week away from (insert festival name of choice), so everyone, please be sure and drink water to stay healthy and hydrated for it!”


I can’t tell you how often I read that status and can’t help but laugh because it is considered ‘Survival 101 for Festivals’! That’s like reminding people to put on clothes before going out into public. Which still wouldn’t make sense, considering the little attire everyone wears to festivals these days, but that is beside the point. Staying hydrated is only one crucial part of making sure you and everyone else at a festival stays alive. What if I told you that exercise and a well-balanced diet could help to make you invincible?


Whether you’re thinking about going to your first multiple day festival or you’re planning your 100th, you should treat every day leading up to the festival as though you’re preparing for battle. I’m sure you picture yourself having the time of your life, leading your squad through the sea of people, and creating memories that will last forever. But in order for you to make those dreams come true, here are a few tips that you won’t want to forget.

First things first, get off your butt and go outside, get a new gym membership, or better yet, sign up for WAG and get paid to walk other lazy people’s dog so you can afford all of the festivals. Whatever you do, GET ACTIVE! How can you expect to walk miles and miles through festival grounds, jump up and down for hours to your favorite artists, and then get very minimal sleep (if at all) to go do it all over again…. FOR THREE DAYS? It’s mentally draining if you sit back and think about it, so do your body a favor and start a routine throughout your day to get the blood flowing and body going.


If going to the gym is something you’re not quite prepared for or “don’t think you have the time for,” it can be something as simple as jumping jacks to simulate jumping up and down at your favorite set. Take a mile or longer walk three or more times per week, so your leg muscles get used to continuous movement without fatigue to simulate walking around to all the different stages. Or my personal favorite, and also an easy way to shed unwanted pounds and tighten up your body for that new outfit, is to jump rope. Whatever your activity of choice, don’t make excuses and JUST DO IT!

Once you get an active routine going, you’re going to need to replenish those muscles and your brain with nutritional foods, and I’m not talking about a Supreme Pizza just because it has vegetables and meats on it! A well-balanced diet should be something EVERYONE should try to get in a routine of having, not only to prepare for a festival, but to remain healthy to live a long and successful life.


You may sometimes hear, “Take your vitamins and other essential supplements to prepare and recover after it all,” but if you have a nutritional filled diet, the foods you eat will provide all of the nutrition your body needs to recover and keep you going! Eating regularly and staying healthy about it throughout your day will make your body appreciate you more and it will return the favor to keep you going. Think of your body as an automobile. The gasoline is the fuel, so everything you eat transfers into your fuel to go. The better the grade of gasoline, the cleaner and smoother your vehicle will run. The healthier you eat, the better and well-maintained your body will continue to operate.


Put down the friggin’ fruit roll-up Timmy and eat a damn apple! Did you know that an apple can give you a better energy boost than a cup of coffee? One apple has about thirteen grams of natural sugar. Not only is it a healthier alternative snack, but it’ll give you extra energy when you start to drag throughout your day. Personally, I find the best power snack to be Granny Smith apples with peanut butter to give me extra fuel without being too heavy or filling. Whether it be fruits, vegetables, or other favorite healthy snacks, try to remember and get food that comes naturally from the earth and not overly processed!


Now that you have a better understanding of how to prepare your body for a festival, your mind will think clearer, and you’ll be fully charged to conquer the weekend with your squad! Of course, staying hydrated will always be number one, especially if you’re from the Valley of The Sun, but educating yourself on nutrition and physical activity will ultimately help you live a happier and healthier life. This means you get to enjoy more events!


If you have any questions on how to start getting active or tips and tricks on building a more nutritious lifestyle, feel free to reach out to me personally at:

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